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What is Tachyonisation?

Tachyonisation is a new revolutionary technological process which impregnates physical particles with increase amounts of tachyon.

These are sub-atomic particles at zero-point energy which is formless. These are theoretical particle traveling faster then speed of light in the quantum field which is not able to be measured by the hertzian frequency spectrum. It changes sub-atomic quantum wave function structure of atoms which compose the matter.

Therefore chemical structure of matter in this process does not change. The change happens on a sub-atomic.


Tachyonisation Benefits

Tachyon energy accelerates spiritual development by activating the pineal gland or what we call the third eye. It allows for release of emotional and mental blocks heightening physical and spiritual awareness. Mediating with a tachyon resonance plate will allow you to deepen the experience of your mediation.

Tachyon physically assists in heightened visual and audio abilities and positively protects any outer body experiences. Tachyon energy allows you to very quickly align with your purpose by teaching and guiding you through transmission of knowledge via meditation by raising your frequency so you are able to tune in to higher levels of consciousness.

Tachyon energy restores your chakras and meridians to zero-point. This accelerates the capacity for your body to heal faster from dis-ease or illnesses. Tachyon increases physical and mental Stamina making you feel rejuvenated and well-balanced. This will profoundly affect your DNA by activating the dormant disconnected genetic code to once again begin to function allowing you to be more of who you really are. It’s also amazing for any bodily pains, anxiety or depression as well as mild detoxification.

Tachyon resonance plates imbued with Tachyon energy are great manifestation tools, they have the ability to amplify your goals and desires. They also amplify the crystal attributes on the resonance plate. Tachyon plates are great for healing practitioners in their healing work. If a small plate is placed near your money, it has the ability to tap in and open up the field of abundance further bringing you more. Tachyon plates should be used to announce and further amplify your goals. Most importantly tachyon energy is a great EMF harmoniser.

For more detailed explanation please read our blog on Tachyon Energy

Tachyonise your plate...

If you would like your Resonance Plate to be tachyonised we can look at completing this for you.

Resonance Harmonics can send your resonance plate to our tachyon chamber in Europe. This will add an additional three weeks to your order.

If you would like your plate to be tachyonised. Please add the resonance plate to the cart first and then add our tachyon service which is in our Accessories and Services section adding the correct size to match the resonance plate ordered.

We understand that your resonance plate is an investment so Resonance Harmonics offers our customers the chance to complete the tachyon energy process at a later date. If you would like your existing resonance plate to be tachyonised, then please add this service via our Accessories and Services section and our customer service team will be in touch to arrange for your resonance plate to be collected.

Tachyonise your plate...

If you would like your Resonance Plate to be tachyonised we can look at completing this for you. Please contact us and our customer service team will be more then happy to help.