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Resonance plates are precision cut metal plates which are mathematically aligned, available in many sacred geometric patterns in either stainless steel or pure copper. All resonance plates are handcrafted and hand-finished in our workshop and are available in a variety of sizes.

Each plate is perfected to the highest quality, from the craftsmanship, design to the metal and crystal infused paint.

The resonance plates can be individually painted, with a choice of colours infused with actual crystals specifically designed paint for the resonance plates. We have a wide selection of colours and a range of high quality pure crystals (gemstones or minerals) available.

The resonance plates are multi-purpose and functional tools. They are ascetically beautiful, decorative art, which can be hung on the wall, harmonising your living space from invisible toxicity and subtlety charging the body with its resonance through your cells.

The small mini (coaster size) resonance plates can be used to imprint and charge your water or food with the sacred geometry’s energetic signatures. These are also useful for placing on the body for healing purpose or even in the bath tub to energise your bath water.

They are true power tools or cosmic codes used for meditation or healing purposes. Tools to tap into the fabric of consciousness and access higher vibrational knowing, giving one the opportunity to seek healing, clearing energetic blocks and to dissect any illusions of truth for greater self-awareness.

These tools are designed to help, protect and support the body back into balance. Each pattern is designed to hold powerful healing and life supporting frequencies. Allowing the body’s electrical circuit to flow and charge up without obstruction. The resonance of these plates sync, elevate and expand a body’s natural energy signatures, assisting the body to carry a powerful charge making room for a strong and steady platform for deep healing to take place in preparation for activation.

Why we chose to create the Resonance Plates

Everything is Energy. Whereby, everything exists in the continual state of vibration. Therefore, everything has a resonance. Energy is impressed on matter. Which means it has an effect on our reality. As the law of resonance defines;

“Our life force will react to adjust, on every stimulus or force that it is being exposed to within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. If the force of stimulus is stronger than the inner life force present, the bodies are forced to adjust in a way where a consequence of that force is perceived or experienced.”

The human body is made up of cell membranes that are composed of liquid crystals. These cell membranes are small antenna which allow our bodies to receive and transmit high amounts of frequencies which produces high amount of charge. Essentially, these cells act as broadcasters, sending and receiving this charge. This energy impacts on all our senses – the way we think, feel, see and our general wellbeing. The body acts like a large battery, we can either strengthen the body’s electrical current by increasing the charge or by depleting it.

One factor that can have an impact on our biological cell membranes is our environments’ frequency which is created from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Everything carries an Electromagnetic field also known as auric field which are invisible to the naked eye. We receive EMFs naturally from the sun and the earth which sync harmoniously with our bodies frequency.

However, over the last 100 years we have developed technological breakthroughs which has changed the way we live our lives. These technologies also omit EMFs into our surroundings, (examples of these EMFs include microwaves, computers, mobiles, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Televisions) the constant bombarded of these waves becomes detrimental to our bodies and our environment and causes frequency pollution.

Unfortunately, our bodies can’t differentiate between natural EMFs and man-made EMFs and so our cell membranes absorb everything. The harmful EMF’s radiation omitted by technology and gadgets, throws our bodies natural balance off kilter.

With the continuous increase of more man-made EMFs in our living environment over time, it can start to damage human cells and tissues and off balances the body’s natural frequency which is needed for us to run at our optimal level. This is what we would call short circuit. The continuous damage to our cell membranes, from overexposure from these man-made EMFs, can cause the following problems – insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, frequent illnesses, hormone imbalances, endocrine disrupters and many more.

This is why we decided to design and create the resonance plates. Harmonically balancing tools which are beautiful to the eye and create a high resonance frequency.

The patterns that Resonance Harmonics uses to create the resonance plates involves sacred universal patterns referred to as ‘Sacred Geometry’ When we use the word “sacred,” it is not used in the religious context, rather something that is re-occurring, immortal divine energetic blueprints or codes. These patterns are used and seen in the design of everything in our reality, from art, design, architecture to music, nature, astrology and science. These patterns create a resonance which amplifies at a high frequency bringing balance to our environment.

If you have any questions about our resonance plates please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Personalised Plates

Although we already offer a wide range of colours and crystal paints we understand that every customers environment, lifestyle and living space is different, so we offer the option to create your own personalised Resonance Plate. We can source a number of crystal (gemstones) and minerals as well as paint colours. So contact our customer service team and they will help you create your Resonance Plate.

We also offer a number of other options to personalise your plate from tachyonisation to having two sides of your plate hand-finished. Why not check out our personalise your Resonance Plate section to find out more about all the options available to you.

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Three different sized resonance plates stacked to create one plate
Flower of life (Line Pattern) Red With Gold Trim

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